Run Iran DVD - € 24,00

November 16 2008
Directed by: Raphael Wilking and Johanna Uitenbroek
Run time: 46 minutes

In a world of increasing tensions a band of American Peace activists travels to Iran to be at the front of civil appeasement between the two countries. But how is their American message being received by the Iranian population? This is their story.

Friends of Kim DVD - € 29,00

March 01 2006
Directed by: Raphael Wilking and Hans van Dijk
Run time: 57 minutes

Hilarious and sobering account of the first time an international group of Kim Jong Il supporters visits North Korea. In 12 days, the 22 participants travel through a country full of monuments, propaganda and poverty. What begins as a idealistic magical mystery tour gradually turns into a nightmare.

  • Brigadista! DVD - € 24,00

    May 01 2005
    Directed by: Raphael Wilking and Wim van de Pol
    Run time: 46 minutes

    Every year hundreds of volunteers go to Cuba to support Fidel Castro's revolution. For three weeks they live and work in a campamento near Havana. Also from The Netherlands a small group of sympatisers departs to make hands-on revolution. But will their expectations about the ideals of Fidel&Che come true?