About Micromovies.

Since 2000 Micromovies has produced the OLON Award winning 'Children of the Sukot' the story of a Jewish doctor showing his survival techniques in World War 2. His life is told amidst a deminuished Jewish community in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
After several national and international productions, in 2003 the company started its film trilogy in 'Axis of Evil' states by making 'Brigadista!' an observational documentary about an International Brigade working in Cuba to support Fidel Castro's regime.
The next year an International Delegation of young Kim-Jong-Il supporters visiting North Korea was filmed. 'Friends of Kim' became a disturbing report on how journalism is banned from this 'Hermit Kingdom'
Micromovies continues its work in documentary by embarking on its biggest and most challenging story entitled 'Run Iran'.